Worship at Zion

Our principal worship service of Holy Eucharist (also called the Mass or Holy Communion) is at 9:30 on Sunday morning. This is followed by coffee hour and refreshments in the Great Hall. Nursery is provided between 9:15 and 11:15 am for children through about age five. Other worship services during the week include Mass at noon on Wednesday, Evensong (sung evening prayer) at 5:30 on Wednesday night, and other daily services as posted.

What to expect

The Sunday service last about an hour and ten minutes and includes processions, hymns, Bible readings, a sermon, incense on occasion, choir anthems, and Holy Communion. All baptized Christians regardless of denomination are welcome to receive Communion in the Episcopal Church. When prompted by an usher, we walk forward to receive the Body (gluten bread) and Blood (fermented wine) of Christ kneeling (if able) at the Altar rail. We receive the bread in the palm of the hand (which is consumed immediately) and the wine from a common chalice. For those who cannot for any reason consume one or the other, the church has always held that full sacrament is received in either the bread or the wine. Our liturgy is generally traditional, historic, and reverent; and a bulletin is provided to assist worshippers through the service.

We try to be “just the right amount of friendly” and do not call out visitors or guests, except to encourage you, if you want, to fill out a visitor card and/or sign our guest register. After Mass, all are welcome to stay for fellowship during coffee hour.

What to wear

You will see people in anything from ripped jeans (albeit, usually on the youth!) to suits and ties. Wearing one’s “Sunday best” to church is certainly appropriate to the occasion, but that also means different things to different people. We do not judge each other because of what we are wearing. Wear what is comfortable.



Zion’s parking lot is not big, but we are surrounded by ample public parking. You can park all the way along North Lake Road or in the two public parking lots just south of the church. The farthest is a block away.


The Sacraments of the Church

Holy Baptism is the rite commanded by Jesus whereby people are sprinkled or immersed in water and thereby cleansed of their sins and made full partakers in Christ’s Body on earth, the Church. The Holy Eucharist is the Sacrament whereby Jesus sustains us with his Body and Blood by the consuming consecrated bread and wine. Other Sacraments include Confirmation, Ordination, Reconciliation/Confession, Marriage, and Holy Unction (anointing for healing.) Please talk to a priest directly if you require prayers for healing, private confession, or to discuss the other sacraments of the Church.



Weddings at Zion are generally reserved for members of Zion. Membership is understood as those whose baptismal dates have been recorded in Zion’s roster, who have been faithful in weekly Sunday attendance within the previous calendar year, have made a financial pledge to the church, and are growing in their faith and service to the Lord. That said, exceptions are occasionally made for non-members of the parish. You are welcome to inquire by emailing the church office for wedding date availability, guidelines, expectations, and fees.

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